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More than 45 years serving our customers.

Long experience

The office has ample experience in diverse sectors in which we have worked since 1976.


We advise in regard to innovative sectors such as consumption and appropriateness of companies in relation to data protection regulations.


We are collaborators in Palencia of Hispajuris, as well as members of the UIA.

Lawyer Office in Palencia

The office has ample experience in diverse sectors, but the main one is providing for over 30 years advice and defence to every type of building professional and others related to civil, labour, contentious-administrative and criminal levels, mainly in relation to work accidents, as well as to co-operatives in a mercantile regime for over 15 years.

Moreover, we are developing advice in regard to innovative sectors such as consumption, for consumer and user associations, and company appropriateness in regard to data protection regulations, embracing all scopes within the law.

We collaborate from Palencia with legal offices located in other Spanish cities. At the same time, we have countless collaborators, such as the most important labour insurance bureaus in regard to accidents at work and professional illnesses, companies of risk prevention at work, as well as expert companies in data file management and handling.


Soledad Fernández Simón

Soledad Fernández Simón


  • Law Degree from the University of Valladolid, 1994
  • Labour Relations Diploma from the Labour Relations School in Palencia, 2000
  • Mediator in Civil and Mercantile topics, Number of Association to AEPJME since 2014
  • Practising lawyer with Bar License Number 575 in Palencia.
  • Partner at Fernández y Simón Abogados; and lone administrator of Fernández y Simón Abogados, S.L.P.
  • Arbiter at the Arbitration Council for Consumption of the town hall in Palencia.
  • Lawyer of the Colegio de Aparejadores [Building Technicians School] and Technical Architects of Palencia and the Council of the Colegio de Aparejadores and Technical Architects of Castilla y León.
  • Lawyer for MUSAAT and SERJUTECA, insurers of Building Technicians and Technical Architects of Palencia, with ample experience in building litigation.
  • Counsellor for Hispajuris (law office with 43 offices throughout Spain).
  • Director of the Wine-Sector and Food Industry Department of Hispajuris.
  • Lawyer for Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) in Palencia.
  • Lawyer for the UCACYL (Union of Consumers and House Keepers in Castilla y León).
  • Member of the Municipal Council for Consumption of the town hall in Palencia.
  • Associated member of the AEA International Lawyers Network (with offices of re-known prestige in 193 throughout the world).
  • Associated member of PenalNet, European Network of Criminal Lawyers.
  • Associated member of the Spanish Association of Civil Liability and Insurance Lawyers.
  • Association of Young Lawyers of Palencia from 1994 to 2003.
  • Legal advisor for multiple companies and individuals for all legal matters, as well as call for tenders.
  • Lawyer for the Platform of People Affected by the Products of Banco Ceiss in Palencia.
  • Counter-Divisor enabled by the Lawyers Bar in Palencia.
  • Insolvency Practitioner enabled by the Lawyers Bar in Palencia.
Beatriz Ortega Gutiérrez

Beatriz Ortega Gutiérrez

Lawyer and Economist

  • Law Degree (University of Valladolid). 2012.
  • Degree in Business Administration. (University of Valladolid). 2012.
  • Internship at Fernández y Simón Abogados, S.L. (Palencia).
  • Member of the Lawyers Bar in Palencia. License Number 937.
  • Member of the Economists Bar in Valladolid. License Number 3173.
  • Joined Fernández y Simón Abogados, S.L. in 2014.
  • Director of the tax-economic-labour department.
  • Collaboration with the legal department of Fernández y Simón Abogados, S.L. in all fields.
Leticia Rico Gordo

Leticia Rico Gordo


  • Master of Advocacy – University of Valladolid (2021)
  • Law Degree – University of Valladolid (2019)
  • Gender-based violence Course – University of Nebrija (2020)
  • Data Protection Certification Course – University of Nebrija (2020)
  • Legal Tech and Startups Course – IE Business School (2020)
  • Course on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing – Palencia City Council (2020).
  • Course on Mediation and Conflict Resolution – Palencia City Council (2020).
  • Collaboration with the legal department of Fernández y Simón Abogados, S.L., in all Law Departments.
  • Writer – contributor to the area of Administrative Law in Legal Today, of Thomson Reuters -Aranzadi.
  • Rapporteur at conferences organised by the JCyL’s Education Department.
Lidia Vázquez Fernández

Lidia Vázquez Fernández


  • Administrative Management Diploma.
  • Certificate in Data and Document Recording and Processing Operations (ADGG0508).
  • Training and career guidance Certificate.
  • Administrative at Mantenimiento Palencia, S.L (Muiños)
  • Administrative at Fernandez y Simón Abogados, S.L

History of Fernández y Simón Abogados


The law office of FERNÁNDEZ Y SIMÓN ABOGADOS started in Palencia in April of 2001 as a limited liability and family company founded by Mr Luis Fernández Pérez (Lawyer, Bar License Number in Palencia, 68, in 1976), Ms Albina Simón Rebollar (Social Graduate, Number of Associate in Palencia, 27, in 1985) and Ms Soledad Fernández Simón (Lawyer, License Bar Number in Palencia, 575, in 1994), with two locations in the centre of Palencia, one for the labour department managed by the Social Graduate since 1983, and the other for the legal department managed by the lawyers, created in 1976; therefore, it has great professional experience in diverse sectors.


The law office has become a partner with offices located in other provinces in order to provide legal defence to its clients in the province of Palencia.
In February of 2007, the merger was finalized, moving to its new location in Palencia, where full and integral advice and legal defence are provided to entities, companies and individuals, including the tax-related and accounting fields, which concluded in 2008 with the professional status of the company.
The new challenges presented by the adaptation to professional limited company as well as the guarantee that the equity capital is paid exclusively by the professional partners.


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