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Civil Liability and Insurance

Fiscal, Tax and Financial

Mercantile and Corporate

Family and Succession

Default in Payment Prevention


Family-Owned Businesses




Procedure, Arbitration and Mediation

Bankruptcy and Business Restructuring

New Technologies



Fernandez y Simón Abogados Services

  • Floor clauses
  • Preferred stock
  • Subordinated debt
  • Swaps
  • Convertible bonds
  • Bankia shares
  • Hybrid and structured products
  • Securities
  • Warrants

Assistance and defence on banking recruitment:

  • Promissory notes, cheques and IOUs
  • Factoring, confirming, leasing and renting
  • Sureties
  • Nonrecourse loan
  • Mortgages
  • Assignment of credit
  • International payment instruments
Family Business
  • Assistance, organization, follow-up and control in relation to asset structure
  • Tax planning for family-owned businesses
  • Planning of legal and tax aspects in regard to succession
  • Mercantile and tax assistance in relation to the transmission of the business
  • Planning of generation change in regard to business ownership
  • Design and implementation of family protocols as well as Family Councils
  • Obligations and contracts
  • Contractual and non-contractual civil liability
  • Property law and other real rights
  • Work and service leasing
  • Community property and civil partnerships
  • Pro indiviso ownership dissolution
  • Capacity of persons:
    • Incapacitation procedures and designation of tutors and/or legal guardians
    • Filiation proceeding
    • Real estate for sale and leasing
  • Building rights. Decennial liability
  • Regularization of real estate registrations and real rights
  • Horizontal property
  • Applications and complaints before the Public Administration
  • Allegations and administrative appeals during Public Administration proceedings
  • Contentious-administrative appeals against Public Administration resolutions
  • Claims defending consumers and users
  • Licensing, public procurement and disciplinary regime
  • Patrimonial liability of the Administration
  • Subsidy management
  • Economic-Administrative claims
  • Compulsory purchase
  • Defence in all sorts of sanctioning and disciplinary proceedings
  • Procurement within the public sector
  • Handling of business classification in order to provide procurement within the public sector
Civil Liability and Insurance


Prior assistance, extrajudicial claims and legal defence before different legal bodies, arbitration and mediation, in regard to:

  • Medical Civil Liability
  • Professional Civil Liability
  • Industrial Civil Liability
  • Corporate Civil Liability
  • Environmental Civil Liability
  • Building Civil Liability
  • C
ivil Liability in Accidents at Work
  • Civil Liability due to Defective Products
  • Rights to honour, privacy and own image
  • Management as private defence or prosecution of offenses, lesser offenses and infractions
  • Given our economic-financial knowledge, we are specialists in tax, concealment of assets, corporate, and money laundering offenses
  • Our ample experience in the sector, both in the defence of individuals and insurance companies, is our support in Traffic Safety offenses
  • Furthermore, given our defence of professionals whose activities entail special risks, we possess extensive experience in work-related accidents
  • Defence in lawsuits regarding minors.
  • Provisional release petition
  • Pardon petition
  • Penitentiary third-degree request
  • Suspension of sentence request
Fiscal, Tax and Financial
  • Fiscal assistance and planning for individuals and companies
  • Organization, assistance and management of accounting and mandatory mercantile bookkeeping
  • Handling of corporate tax, VAT, IRPF (Personal income tax) and indirect taxes, as well as refund requests, if necessary, and mandatory informative declarations
  • Handling of inheritance tax and documented legal acts, taxes on successions and donations
  • Handling registrations on the Real Estate Tax and liquidation of capital gain before town halls, when necessary
  • Representation in management procedures, collection and inspection before tax bodies
  • Representation in revision procedures
  • Economic and financial analysis, as well as analysis of financial statements and consolidation of financial statements
  • Internal company audits
  • Economic and administrative claims
  • Binding consultation to the Dirección General de Tributos [General Directorate of Taxation]
  • Analysis of second-chance mechanisms
  • Viability studies
  • Company valuation and Due Diligence mechanisms
  • Acquisition, merger and transmission of companies, with special relevance to family businesses
  • Binding operations and transfer pricing study
  • Company creation, ordinary processing and processing through the PAIT system
  • International taxes
Procedure, Arbitration and Mediation
  • Litigation management in all jurisdictional orders and proceedings in national procedures and through our partners and correspondents throughout the world
  • Legal transactions and extrajudicial agreements
  • Recognition and implementation of foreign sentences, implementation of European sentences and European enforcement orders for uncontested claims
  • Management and intervention in procedures and files of voluntary jurisdiction before notaries, registrars, judges and legal secretaries
  • Intervention in national and international arbitration procedures as Party Attorneys or Arbiters
  • Procedures before the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg
  • Remedies for protection in relation to a breach of fundamental rights
  • Appeals and enquiries in regard to unconstitutionality
  • Management and representation before Ecclesiastical Courts and the Tribunal of the Roman Rota
  • Intervention as mediators in Civil and Mercantile orders, AEPJMA mediators and the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Alicante
Mercantile and Corporate
  • Commercial and mercantile contracts
  • Incorporations, establishment of co-operatives and associations
  • Formal corporate obligations
  • Preparation and assistance in Shareholder and Management Board Meetings, Governing Councils, General Assemblies, Councils of Government, etc…
  • Corporate groups
  • Drafting of byelaws, minutes and regulations of different bodies
  • Incorporations. Corporate acquisitions, mergers and demergers
  • Business projects, franchises
  • Collaboration agreements between companies
Counselling on capital companies and their legal system: agreement challenging, announcement of meetings, byelaw reforms,capital increase and decrease, partner agreements, codes of good governance
  • Corporate operations. Administrator liability
  • Joint Venture contracts
  • Legal secretary: summons of Administrative Boards, information preparation for meetings, attendance to board meetings, reporting of minutes and mandatory bookkeeping of minutes, partner/shares books and single-partner contract books
Bankruptcy and Business Restructuring
  • Internal restructuring
  • Viability plans
  • Preventative counsel: pre-bankruptcy extrajudicial solutions
  • Request for bankruptcy declaration by debtor or creditors
  • Intervention to protect creditors’ rights: credit communication, inventory and/or creditor list challenging, implementation of reimbursement actions
  • Intervention in agreement and/or liquidation phases
  • Bankruptcy rating: responsibility of debtor and/or legal representatives in regard to insolvency
  • Agreements with creditors, negotiations with financial entities and public bodies
  • Creditors’ arrangement
  • Business dissolutions and liquidations
  • Commercial debt claim
Family and Succession
  • Separation, divorce, nullity, cohabitation, legal union and notary union
  • Modification of family measures
  • Liquidation of shared acquired matrimonial assets
  • Defaulted payment of family pensions
  • Non-compliance with sentence
  • Declaration of paternity/maternity
  • Inheritance
  • Foster care and adoptions
  • Civil incapacitations
  • Guardianship and appointment of judicial defenders
  • Successions and donations
New Technologies
  • Implementation of Data Protection
  • Revision and Audits
  • Specialized assistance on electronic commerce and web adaptation


  • File analysis
  • Security documents
Action protocols
  • Managerial and foremen contracts
  • Controls and Audits
  • Legal defence

LSSICE(*) [Spanish Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce]

  • Consultancy
  • Analysis and web site adaptation
  • Web site usage conditions
  • Protocols
  • Legal defence
Default in Payment Prevention and Management of Unpaid Balances
  • Information on businesses contracted, by individual accessing databases and Official Records
  • Support during contracting process (document drafting, contracts, IOUs, etc.)
  • Prior viability study of the claim
  • Debtor’s solvency study
  • Extrajudicial debt claim and negotiation
  • Debt claim through notary: management of requirements and notary debt claims
  • Lawsuits and counselling
  • Analysis of second-chance mechanisms and financial burden reduction
Labor Law

1. Assistance

  • To companies, freelancers, employees, temporary employment agencies, subcontracted companies of auxiliary services
  • Implementation of Statute of Workers’ Rights, collective agreements and Social Security and tax regulations
  • Reporting for companies or employees
  • Implementation and drafting of sanctions
  • Modification of labour relations and company succession
  • Appropriateness, or lack thereof, of Labour Force Employment Plans (ERES and ERTES)
  • Calculation of allowances in regard to disability, retirement, preretirement, severance payments, liquidations and settlements
  • Employment contracts with freelancers or lease of services to companies or individuals and agencies

2.- Legal defence

  • Before Social Courts, High Courts of Justice, the National High Court and the Supreme Court
  • Drafting and attendance to conciliation hearings and previous claims before administrative bodies
  • Collective conflicts in Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Services

3.- Negotiation of collective agreements and trade union elections

4.- Action during labour inspections

5.- Claims to FOGASA and other administrative bodies

6.- Oustourcing of HR management

  • Employment contracts: models, extensions, clauses, communication with SEPE (Spanish Unemployment Service), due date notifications, letters of termination, end of contract, resignation or dismissal, liquidations and settlements
  • Subscriptions, cancellations and modifications
  • Implementation of collective agreements
  • Social Security
  • Taxes. IRPF (Personal income tax), retentions, annual summary
  • Certificates of being up to date with payments
  • Document handling before the INSS and Accident Insurance Companies, management of leave of absence reports, drafting and registration for freelancers and employees

7.- HR Consultancy

  •  Request of recovery of undue payments
  • Communication of work-related accidents before the labour authority
  • Applications for benefits and subsidies
  • Opening of employment centres before the labour authority, handling of subcontracting book

8.- Other

  • Change in the basis before INSS and TGSS
  • HR audits
  • Contracts and handling of Housekeepers’ special system of contribution
International Area

Therefore, we are associated with highly-qualified law firms from 193 countries. Furthermore, Hispajuris Internacional has agreements with international correspondent firms and “best friends”. Thus, we assist and defend Spanish clients abroad as well as foreign clients in Spain.

  • Assistance in relation to payment methods via international transactions
  • Transnational insolvency procedures
  • European Small Claims Procedure and European orders for payment in Spain
  • Letters of Credit, consignments, cheques, transnational bank transfers and payment orders
  • Contracts and transportation of goods
  • International transport contract
  • Logistics
  • Assistance on Incoterms matters
  • Guarantee of international collections (Standby Letter), deposits, international sureties and other on-demand guarantees
  • Credit-to-exports insurance
  • Goods and storage insurance
  • International taxation
  • Corporate law: formation of companies, set up of subsidiaries and/or branches of Spanish companies abroad, mergers and demergers of Spanish companies with and from foreign companies, mixed companies, joint-ventures, etc.
  • International employment; civil and mercantile contracts: agency, distribution, sale of goods, construction work contracts and provision of services
  • Intermediation in international trade operations
  • Technology transfer contract (know-how)
  • Marketing contracts
  • International franchising contracts
  • Extrajudicial dispute resolution in matters of international employment: Applicable court and international arbitration
  • International employment and relocation of Spanish workers abroad
  • Professional Colleges

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Federations

  • Foundations and Associations

  • Cooperative Societies

  • Labor Societies

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