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Since 1976 at service for Palencia
Fernández y Simón is an office with history in Palencia law

We offer global services that cover any need for all types of customers

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The office has ample experience in diverse sectors related to civil, labour, contentious-administrative and criminal law. We offer a global service encompassing all the needs of companies and individuals.


We are members of Hispajuris, one of the largest global law offices in Spain, consisting of more than 600 professionals, through which we provide multidisciplinary legal services.

Fernandez y Simón Abogados in Palencia

Our law office has been located in Palencia since 1976 and our experience is our brand in multiple sectors. In our law office, we offer a global service including Legal, Fiscal, Accounting and Labour.



Global firm with more than 38 locations throughout Spain. It offers services through law offices in each area. Closeness and professionalism to solve and provide global services.


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We have an Online Consultation service which allows you to resolve quickly and efficiently any query (labour, administrative, criminal, separations, civil, mercantile, tax-related, contracts…).

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Our clients have an online service for file consultation. Access your information comfortably and safely.



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